Where to Study/Learn Chinese Language In Nigeria

Where to Study/Learn Chinese Language in Nigeria

China is the most populated country in the world with about 1.4billon people and about 90% of them speak chinese.
Chinas rapid tecnological advancement in the early 2000’s lead to its outspread of citizens all over the globe in search of natural resources or establishment of companies.

Where to Study/Learn Chinese Language in Nigeria
Where to Study/Learn Chinese Language in Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, there are a lot of chinese based individual doing one or two things, some have established factories and companies with the aim of production and profit, but these chinese individual have a barrier in communication, they dont understand english language which is the official language that most Nigerian speak, so there is a high sought for individuals in nigeria who can speak chinese language.

These individuals are needed to break the barrier in communication between chinese and english , they stand in as translators, and they receive a good amount as salary.

Centres to Study/learn Chinese language in Nigeria

The only center you can learn chinese language is at Confucius Institute, which are located at some Nigerian universities or polytechnics

They Include

1. University of Lagos
2. Nnamdi Azikiwe University located in Awka, Anambra state
3. Federal Polytechnic located in Oko, Anambra state
4. University of Portharcourt located in Rivers State

Chinese Language Learning Programs in Nigeria

Chinese are taught in these various institutions as B.sc programs or as HSK programs (HSK 1-6)

B.sc program include a 4 year program after which they graduate and become B.sc holders in the language.
.B.sc programs are only available in the University of Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

HSK program involves studying through the various levels of the program of which has 6 levels.
It takes an average of 2years to complete the HSK program and they are available in all the institution s listed above

How much does it cost to study Chinese Language

For the B.sc program depends on how much the school charge as tuition fee, it varies along different schools.

For the HSK program its cost about N40000 to N55000 depending on if you are a student atbthe university who which to take partime hsk classes on you an outsider who which to join the class.

Benefits of Studying Chinese Language in Nigeria

There are high demand for individuals who can speak Chinese language in Nigeria and most of these chinese companies are in need of them

They pay as high as N150000 – 500000 permonth depending on how good you are, they also provide accommodation and feeding in some cases.


I think everybody should utilize these opportunity and learn chinese language, so as to get the high pay it comes with

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